About Mineplex

Mineplex is a project by the creators of GreenViewData (GVD) and Alco to bring you the best Minecraft experience possible. Holding true to the roots of the game, Alancnet from Alco brings the rich, full, and enjoyable game play for the Survival Multi-Player (SMP) world. While at the same time, exploiting the infinite creativity Minecraft allows for, Bluetomb from GVD brings the colorful world of Minecraft art, creations, ride, and attractions for the Creative world.


Our survival world is full of all the challenges the game is designed for, but none of the pains that go along with it. Creepers will still kill you, but they won't destroy your home. You can claim your land so no one else can build on your property. You can lock your chests so no one can steal your stuff.


Player disputes may be handled by the Mineplex staff, or they may be not. Each incident is handled on a case-by-case basis, and there is one rule that stands above all else: Fairness. As such, our staff will not respond to requests that would give any player an advantage in the game that another player could not have. This means we will not hand out items, recover items lost in lava, set the time of day, assist in building, assist in PvP, offer "God" mode, creative mode in survival, or give players any operator powers. You may ask all you want. We'll just say no.


Please behave. Be fair, don't hack, and don't make the game unfun for anyone else. This means, only participate in PvP if the other player consents, or is trespassing on your property, no griefing other people's property, no offensive racial or sexist comments in chat, etc.. Use your best judgement.


If you feel you are being harassed by a player, a player is being overly offensive in chat, or you have otherwise been verifiably wronged by another player, take a screenshot of the incident (if you can) and email it, and your complaint to contact@minecraft.net.